Etsy and YouTube

July 3, 2017

Etsy: After a bit of set up, I've begun putting original art up for sale on Etsy! I'm hoping to update the store with new items every few weeks or so. We've got figurines, a painting, and most notably an original Bite-Size strip. The strip on display isn't the only one for sale, either - I'm selling all the originals.

YouTube: I've started a YouTube channel as well. For the inaugural video, I filmed the process of how a Figurine is made. I'd also like to record essays about art, storytelling, and related crafts in general: For example how-to's like self-publish a book, examinations of great manga creators, and so on. Take a look at my channel here, and as they say, "be sure to Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share" the videos around. The second video below is a recent interview that I did for a friend's channel, where I talk about my experiences as a freelancer. Give them some love, as well!

Finally, Bite-Size has been steadily growing on Webtoon, almost reaching 5,000 Subscribers now. There are another two volumes (400 strips!) worth of scripts ready to be drawn. Looking forward to drawing those when the series is caught up. In the next few weeks, I'll also be looking into producing some Bite-Size merch. The rule will be that it can't be trashy junk - it has to be something I'd want, and I'm notoriously picky. Feel free to e-mail me if there's anything specific you're interested in. A T-Shirt of Xavier practicing karate on a dummy of Greg, perhaps.