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September 12, 2016
#418: Tell Me More

NOTE: Bite-Size is being migrated to an app called WEBTOON, where you can Like, Share, Subscribe, Comment, and all that good stuff. =)

Thanks for your patience as the archive catches up! 

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 Updates and Such


January 19, 2017 - Because Someone Erased It From the Archive Memory...

Migrating comics to Webtoon has been quite successful so far; enough that I think I'll be migrating all my work there. (Not that I commonly place a ton of trust in third parties; the relationship seems symbiotic enough for now. If they displease me, I'm moving everything to Imgur.) Bite-Size has been gathering a healthy number of Subs, Likes, Comments, Ratings, and all that. I'd love to see those numbers continue to grow!

One caveat: I've decided to temporarily take down the archive in the meantime. My reasoning is explained further here. (Basically I want to rebuild this site, and more importantly, I want new readers to experience the strip at the same time, since there are so many of them.) If you want to read the archives in the meantime: The books are still for sale, of course, and plenty of copies are available.

Finally: Chief Puzzle Officer has launched! It's up on Google Play right now. (It should be on the Apple Store this weekend as well, if that's what you've got.) Give it a try and let me know what you think!

January 14, 2017 - Wotcher Up To?

It's been a while! 2016 absolutely flew by, I tell ya. I haven't had very much time to update Bite-Size, a tragedy which I'll try to remedy soon enough thanks to a very important piece of equipment purchased recently. (More on that if/when it actually works!) I've also made a New Years' Resolution to finish a novel using that same piece of equipment, since my schedule won't allow me to focus on full-time comics production. All the same, I'm still as passionate about storytelling as ever, so I need some sort of outlet!

For you smartphone users, have you heard of an app called WEBTOON? I've been slowly migrating my archives to that site this past month. (It's basically YouTube for Webcomics. Unlike my poor little website here, which behaves more like an archive.) If you're in the mood to grab the app, I'd deeply appreciate any Likes, Comments, Shares and Subs!

Chief Puzzle Officer:

On the subject of recent projects, the indie game I've been proudly working on (alongside a talented team!), is being released this upcoming week; January 19th, to be exact. It takes the Match-3 genre as a template, then adds a competitive multiplayer and Collectible Card System to the mix, to produce a pretty interesting competitive game. Here's a writeup of the game on Touch Arcade for more details. There's a single-player campaign to the game too, which I've had the honor of co-writing and providing a whole bunch of art for. (Mostly backgrounds, UI, and design.) Finally, here's our launch trailer, which is pretty hype if I may say so: