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April 16, 2014
#351: "Granted"

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March 12, 2014 - Uhhhh.... yeah....

Okay so um, turns out the Trip Report (see below) is a much bigger task than expected? (Not only in terms of labor but emotionally as well.) Truth told, I've been kinda down since I got back and thinking about that magical time in a far-off land kinda... hurts. You know? While I could try and "force" the entries out, I don't think they'd be fun to read and they'd certainly not be fun to compose. I sort-of expected this to happen but it's way more potent than I thought it would be: How intimate and personal it all is.

Recalling how I felt at the awards ceremony, for example, or how beautiful it was to explore Shinjuku by myself, or being moved so deeply by the raw, undiluted culture and gorgeous scenery I wanted to cry. Am I ready to take the plunge and expose myself like that? Probably, but perhaps time is what I need. I dunno. =\

What else don't I know? eBooks. I've been exploring options and I'm becoming more and more convinced that I should start releasing my stuff in that format (in tandem with paperback, which I do prefer). The costs are so much lower for all parties involved. The problem is the DRM issue (let's just say I didn't make very much money from the Paris PDF) as well as paying all-too-high service fees to middlemen.

This past week I read an excellent book called "Manga Poverty" where a strong manga-ka, Shuho Sato, basically decided to part ways with traditional publishing: The politics, the shady business, the artistic compromises and so on. Instead he's taken the digital route, albeit with more of a micro-payment system (which I'd have no way to implement). I write all this because I've been hungry to start another graphic novel and I'm torn. Do I try pitching my stuff to publishers where they'll take a chunk of my profits, mess around with my story, or fool around with the contract? Will I have to waste time trying to ask someone's permission to draw my own story? Will I spend months or years of my life barely making any money from it? This is troubling. I don't know the answer. I know there are a few success cases out there, but the prospects aren't exactly encouraging enough for me to quit my job and start tomorrow.

Or do I just release scripts from now on with illustrations? And then we can all sigh and pretend how fun it would be as a comic? I don't know. =\

March 7, 2014 - Updates Forthcoming

There's been a healthy little boost in readership these past few weeks for whatever reason - which I'm super grateful for as always. (If you like my comics, please continue telling your friends!) Although my schedule has been a bit squirrelly, I hope you new readers out there stick around.

This past week I've managed to compile my (heavy, nightmarishly detailed and superfluous) notes from the Japan trip, which means I should be able to hammer out updates on that more easily.


Agh, who am I kidding? What could've been a simple set of blog posts has grown into an untamable beast. My notes alone are 20,000 words long, half the length of a short novel. Plus I've got to photograph/scan notes, create sketches... >_< At the very least, I hope it's an interesting read. I'll do my best to skip boring stuff and/or keep it fun.

February 27, 2014 - Japan Trip Report (part 1 of ?)

Guess I can't delay it any longer... >_<

I keep revising, worrying. "Is this too boring?" "Will anyone care about this nonsense?" I can't say I've come to any conclusion on that question, but I've got to get the ball rolling or it'll clog the creative pipes and I won't be able to move on to anything else. Here is part one of... many(?) chronicling my magical trip to Japan. If you're bored, hey, it's definitely something to read.