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August 1, 2016
#416: Madadayo

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 Updates and Such


June 19, 2016 - Conformation Confirmation

All right, I caved and got an Instagram account. I feel like such a poser. >_< Is this app "the one"? Will it succeed where all others (listed handily above-right please Follow and tell your friends thank you so very much) have failed/disappointed? It's not that I'm less likely to use one over another, necessarily. A hermit can only find the strength to spread oneself so thin on the internet: I barely have the energy to visit my real-life friends these days. (Personally I think it would be far more fruitful to share that I play Final Fantasy 14 on Brynhildr.)

By the way, have you bought your copy of Bite-Size volume 2 yet? Or do I need to send the Livingwaters after you? o_o What? You don't know who they are? Did you know that Xavier has family? A big one? Did you know there's a whole short story about them in the goodies section of the book? You should totally read it. All the cool kids are doing it (along with getting Instagram accounts, apparently.)

P.S. Any reviewers out there? If so, get in touch and I'll send you a copy of the book for free, in exchange for a review!

May 10, 2016 - Bite-Size volume 2!

The books have arrived! They'll be $15 each, with $3 for shipping. You can refer to the Store page for ordering details: All you basically have to do is send me an e-mail and the payment via PayPal. (Note: I might not have time to update the Store until the end of the week - but I assure you the copies are happily sitting under my chair, waiting for their new homes!) Bite-Size Volume Two is is 176 pages, contains an illustrated story called "The Livingwater Crisis", and has a brief preview of my next book which is (hopefully) going to be printed this Autumn.

It took much longer than expected, but I'm darn proud of this one. =) Whoever buys a copy, I hope it delights you.


May 3, 2016 - Mini-Review: "When Marnie Was There"

I've finally seen "When Marnie Was There", and felt a pressing need to share my feelings on what may be Studio Ghibli's humble, final, masterpiece. Someday perhaps, perhaps, I'll be able to upload more reviews and articles I've written over the years - including new ones. Heck, maybe I'll start a YouTube channel and narrate/animate them. o_o

I've also uploaded an old syllabus from a cartooning class which I taught last year. (I haven't proofread or formatted it in quite a while, so please excuse me if it's an absolute mess.)

April 5, 2016 - Anyone Use This Stuff?

I'm likely spreading myself way too thin here. That said, here are even more platforms where I might start uploading stuff: I'm told there are "apps" for the items below, so hey, maybe it'd be a convenient way to keep up on updates? Or are these websites a flash in the pan? The numbers will tell. -_-



March 24, 2016 - Tablet Paradise

I recently bought a Tablet for work. One of the first things I wanted to do was test out Bite-Size Volume 2 on the high resolution screen. I can heartily testify that it looks outstanding! I'm definitely going to publish a digital version... maybe even sooner than the physical? I'll look into prices. All that said: Do any of you have a preference, one way or the other? Book or eBook? I'll be printing as soon as tax season is over.

Also: This is down the road, but I also plan to exhibit at Small Press Expo in Maryland this September. I'll be selling the books there as well.

In other news, something interesting happened yesterday: Maximillian Dood narrated my old Dark Souls comic for his YouTube channel. As a big Street Fighter enthusiast, I thought it was especially neat. (His is the channel I turn to for "Evo Moments" and in-depth fighting game news/analyses.) One thing, only, Master Dood!  If the video goes viral, you have to convince Namco Bandai to buy me a Playstation 4 so I can consume Dark Souls 3 and Bloodbourne. 0_0


March 5, 2016 - Good Feels

Something interesting happened to me the other day. It was neat! (I won't get into a whole spiel.) Did you know I updated my gallery? It's got lots of good stuff on there, I'm told. =)

January 31, 2016  - Reservations

Small modification to the post below: There hasn't been enough interest in pre-orders to help fund the print run. That's okay! What would still be immensely helpful is being able to estimate how many copies to print. If you'd like a copy, I'd be super grateful if you let me know via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

Most assuredly, I want to release the book, and soon. (I mean, it's done. The PDF's are sitting right there. And it's a darn good book, if I may say so!) One caveat: It's possible that I might have to push back the release date a month or two if there aren't enough "reservations".

Come to think of it, an alternative to funding the print run is by selling the original pages of Bite-Size. Anyone down? o_o

January 26, 2016  - Bite-Size, Volume Two!

At last! It's taken a super long time, but the book is finally ready to hit the printers this week. =) Here are some details, as well as info in case you'd like to place a Pre-Order. (Doing this will help me estimate how many copies to print, and will also be a huge help in funding the actual print run. Making books is expensive! Also: While all copies will be signed, anyone who Pre-Orders will get a sketch of their favorite character on the inside cover.)

Page Count: 176 pages
Target Release: March
Price: $12 + $3 for shipping domestically or $5 International (non-rush).

Whatís in the book?

  • Bite-Size strips #200-400 (of course)

  • The Livingwater Crisis: An illustrated short story (20 pages) featuring Greg, Xavier, and a handful of mystery characters we havenít met yet!

  • A small selection of loose/old strips.

  • A preview of Partial Quest, my upcoming art & story book for an RPG which I'm not certain will ever see the light of day as a game. =\

How to Pre-Order:

  • Send the payment to my e-mail address (on the right) via PayPal. Please make sure your contact info and shipping information is up to date, and let me know which character you'd like me to sketch!

  • Iíll send you an e-mail confirmation when your order is received.